Our People

Philippe Cohen – CEO and Owner of Château Vieux Taillefer

With two decades of experience in the wine trade, Philippe Cohen is the CEO and Owner of CDP. As our head of sales and main wine buyer, Philippe manages all of CDP’s key US and European accounts and oversees the company’s relationships with producers, suppliers, and trade clients.

Before joining CDP as a shareholder in 2001, Philippe worked for Vins Rares Peter Thustrup in Paris as a Sales Manager. In 2006, he followed his passion (and his nose) and purchased Château Vieux Taillefer in St. Emilion together with his wife Catherine who is in charge of winemaking. Since then, the wine lovers have transformed the five-hectare property into a successful vineyard, which produces 30,000 bottles of Bordeaux Rouge and a small amount of Bordeaux Blanc annually – sold and served in 150 Michelin star restaurants around the world. The technical skillset that Philippe and Catherine employ to make the chateau’s wine is put to use daily in identifying the best producers and vintages.

Born in Paris and raised in the US and France, it was Philippe’s father, Paul Cohen, who first introduced him to fine wine. A professor at Stanford University and a passionate wine collector, Paul brought his son to Europe’s top vineyards at a young age. Today, Philippe often takes similar trips around the wine regions of France, Spain, Italy and Germany where he’s built strong partnerships and close friendships with many of the best wineries. “I love every aspect of what I do,” says Philippe. “The people I work with, my clients, the travel and, of course, the fantastic wines – it’s impossible to get bored.”

When he isn’t collecting wine, Philippe enjoys indulging in his other vice, food. “I have a soft spot for Chinese food and enjoy cooking for my family and friends,” he says. “That way I get to combine my two greatest loves: Cantonese-style pork stir-fry and a nice bottle of Pomerol. You might not have guessed it but the two compliment each other very well.”

Philippe studied International Relations at the University of Bristol in the UK. He holds a MSc in International Business from the University of Florence in Italy and a MSc in in Poilitical Sciences from Paris’ Ecole des Sciences Politiques.

Catherine Cohen – Co-Owner & Head Winemaker of Château Vieux Taillefer

With more than a decade of experience in the winemaking industry, Catherine has had a remarkable career as both a wine consultant and winemaker in the Bordeaux region. As head winemaker of Château Vieux Taillefer, which she runs together with her husband Philippe, she has been in charge of production at the Château since 2006.

Catherine credits world-renowned winemaker, Jean Claude Berrouet, whom she worked under for five years, as giving her the opportunity and technical expertise to excel at making her own wines. From 1998 to 2003, Catherine worked under the tutelage of Berrouet, where she was in charge of the winemaking for a number of vineyards owned by JP Moueix including Château Siaurac, Château Vray Croix de Gay, Château Le Prieuré, Château Tournefeuille and Château Monte Christo.

Since 2006, Catherine, has focused on using her past experience at Moueix combined with the Château Vieux Taillefer’s unique terroir to realise our sumpteous wines: “Our property features old Merlot vines with an average age of 75 years growing on asteriated limestone soil,” says Catherine. “The difficult nature of the soil is what imparts our wine with its unique charm and distinct flavour.”

Catherine holds a BSc in Oenology from the University of Dijon in Burgundy and a MSc in Oenology, Marketing and Business from OIV (Office International de la Vigne et Du Vin).

Morné Norman – Director, Sales & Marketing

Originally from South Africa, Morné joined CDP in mid-2014 to head up our rebranding and company-wide sales and marketing efforts, as well as to further develop our presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Currently based in Hong Kong, Morné entered the wine trade in 2003. Having earned his stripes as an Account Manager and Sales & Marketing Manager with two prominent wholesalers in the UK, he initially moved to Hong Kong in 2009 to establish an Asia office for one of these companies.

Morné brings with him an enthusiasm and broad knowledge of wines from around the world, although he tends to gravitate back to the classics, citing Bordeaux and Burgundy as his firm favourites. “It gives me great pleasure to source wines that click with my clients and that they love to drink. Nothing is more rewarding,” he says.

Morné loves good food and wine shared with great company and he is a keen music lover and dedicated musician. To stay healthy he trains Freeletics, one of the more effective ways to combat a drinks industry occupational hazard more commony referred to as an expanding waistline.

Amélie Grant – Sales & Buying Manager

The latest addition to our team, Amélie, is responsible for sales to our EU and US accounts, as well as buying and sourcing. Prior to joining CDP she spent 12 years working for a Bordeaux based négociant, with a broad European portfolio, where she was primarily responsible for the sales of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés. She recently completed the WSET level 3 certificate and continues to further improve her tasting skills preferably on a daily basis if possible! Born and raised in the médoc Amélie has a soft spot for the wines of Pauillac, but she could be tempted by any charming wine that pairs well with cheese.

Amélie values time with family and friends, loves long walks in the countryside with her husband and also enjoys playing the classical guitar.

Janine Duval – Finance & Administration

As CDP’s longest standing employee, Janine is responsible for all financial matters. Based in St. Emilion, Janine has more than 25 years of experience working in the wine industry, having previously worked as a Manager for d’Arfeuille.

Outside of the office, Janine is a yogi and hiker. She is also a fantastic cook, and enjoys spoiling her family and friends with home-cooked food matched with fine bottles of Bordeaux.

Sandrine Horru – Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

Prior to joining CDP, Sandrine, spent 20 years at François Lurton where she oversaw all their imports and exports. Apart from her wicked sense of humour and can-do spirit, Sandrine’s impressive logistical experience impacted our expanding business in a tremendously positive way from day one.

She is a self-confessed sugar tooth and loves sweet wines, especially Montbazillac. She also plays à la pétanque at a competitive level.

Philippe Brimaldi – Cellarer & Order Preparations

With nearly three decades of experience in logistics and wine storage, Philippe, is responsible for all our internal cellaring and order preparations. This is no small feat, but this former French and European rowing champion, brings the enthusiasm and work ethic required to get the job done.

Born and raised in St. Emilion, Philippe has fond memories of early family life and his first encounters with the delicious sweet wines of Bordeaux. From there he progressed on to the great reds in the region and since then his tastes have evolved to include some of the top Tuscans and sexy Spanish reds from CDP’s agency portfolio.

When not hard at work Philippe devotes his time to his young family and his favourite team sport, rowing.